As the first woman-owned cannabis transportation business in Massachusetts, we were built upon and continue to foster a progressive, forward thinking culture that sets us apart and drives impact for our clients and community.

Above all else, we operate on the tenets of Integrity, Safety, Efficiency, and Collaboration.

Women in weed.


I have the insight and expertise to bring my clients and highest quality of service &
efficiency. But I truly believe that the secret behind the distinctly elevated service at MMM stems from the power in being a woman and mother of four.

I have committed my life to empowerment, growth and development of my children; and despite my accomplishments as a businesswoman, I draw the most pride from their successes.

Today I apply the same dedication, attention to detail, and work ethic, uniquely required of a mother to build the strong relationships and shared successes of my family of partners and customers.

As a woman I am honored to lead a company where the goal will always be to create synergy of knowledge, flexibility, connectivity, and efficiencey to build a stronger network across this industry and I can't imagine a person more equipped to do so than a mother.


We believe in


At MMM Transport, we refuse to compromise on the quality of our service. We work tirelessly to protect the privacy of our network, minimize distruption, and deliver a seamless and secure experience for all of our clients and customers.


Our experienced professionals are dedicated to developing custom-fit solutions to amplify efficiency, accelerate outcomes, and support the expansion of our clients' operational footprints across the state.

What Sets Us Apart?

With the newest, most advanced fleet in the industry, we do not take chances. Our high-tech vehicles are always the highest quality because our vehicles dependability is our reliability. Here at MMM, our backup systems have backups.

Our partnership is ever-expanding. If you're ready, let's connect.