MMM Transport Inc. is the premiere, full service logistics and transport provider working with operators across Massachusetts to enhance the legal cannabis market.

Our Mission:


MMM Transport will support the growth of the cannabis industry by ensuring the highest standards of service, integrity, and safety for our customers and partners, every day, at every stop. Each member of the MMM team reflects these values and proudly embraces our commitment to enabling a stronger, more efficient and well-connected cannabis marketplace.


What Makes Us Different:

At MMM, we believe every brand should expand at their own pace. We want to aid in that expansion by building your footprint and touching as many retail stores as possible. We are dedicated in our initiative to push your brand furter, using our knowledge of the current retail market, and our network of retail contacts to push your products to help you get more orders and touch more of the state.

"We want things to feel so smooth that you see us as an extension of your operation, rather than just another vendor. Our model and pricing reflects that initiative, as you grow we grow."


From our vehicles to our technology, and most importantly, our people, we are constantly in search of ways to improve and deliver out-of-the-box solutions to define and redefine best practices.

Market Integration

We service the entire seed-to-sale process, as well as disposal, to maintain visibility across the market and tailor our approach to the unique needs of our operators.

Proven Experience

Our founder's 25 years experience in logistics and transport fuels our ability to provide best-in-class service while maintaining a focus on innovation.

Social Impact

At MMM we service and operate in a diverse network of customers and partners, and we truly believe that the best way to achieve success is to create an environment that promotes and values this diversity. Whether it's in our hiring practices, vendor relationships, or professional seminars, we strive to bring people from unique backgrounds together and leverage the strength of our local communities to drive results.

Our partnership is ever-expanding. If you're ready, let's connect.